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Our passionate beer and cider experts love having a chat about our personal favourites and hearing about your beer and cider stories. Visit us for a casual lunch, dinner and drink to experience the best of Perth’s beer and cider. Please note that some of our beers and ciders are not always on tap as they are seasonal and depend on fruit availability.
 Tasting trays not available on Saturday's or for large groups.

Glass bottles of beer
Cold glass of beer

Beer and ale

Aussie Pils - Crisp beer using Saaz hops and Czech Pils yeast 4.4%
Country Wheat - Top fermented ale with estery flavours and a pale hue. Crisp and full wheat taste with good banana notes 4.4%
Golden Wheat - Brewed more to the European style and slightly heavier in flavour and colour 4.4%
Lager Hannan’s - A clean typical Australian style lager. Initial sweetness finishing with a slight bitterness 5%
Munich Lager - Bottom fermented beer using Munich malt and lightly hopped 4.4%
Brumby Ale - If you love the taste of Corona you’ll love this Mexican style beer with a touch of Aussie flavour. Brewed using flaked maize 4.4%
Cherry Ale - Initial sweetness finishing with a clean, tart taste. Brewed using real Australian cherries 4.6%
Desert Lime Lager - A unique and naturally brewed native fruit beer. Made from real Aussie Desert Limes. 4.5%
Mango Chic - Delicious and refreshing. Made using Aussie mango pulp with a pilsner base 4.4%
Warrior Ale - A bitter 40 IBU beer made with banksia honey. 7%
Blokes Brown - Full flavoured, malty dark beer. 5%
Iron Bock - Award-winning full flavoured brown lager with strong malt, characteristics 4.6%
Debilitator - Award-winning full mouthed, rich, dark Belgian-style Chimay 7%
Ebony Stout - A very traditional tasting stout. Big roasted malt flavour, sure to satisfy all stout lovers 4.4%
Rousies Lager - Oktoberfest-style lager. Easy to drink and full flavoured. 4.4%
Paddy Hannan’s Golden Ale - Lovely golden ale with a hint of bitterness. 4.4%
I.P.A - Highly hopped using Mosaic and then dry hop finish with Nelson,Sauvin 6%
Bounty Ale - Brewed with flaked coconut for light and easy drinking. 4.4%
Alcoholic Ginger Beer - Made using dried ginger and chilli flakes. Has a good bite 3.5%
Non-alcoholic Ginger Beer - Made using real dried ginger and chilli flakes. A refreshing and bitsy cool drink
Vienna Lager - Lovely amber colour lager with a sweet finish. 4.5%


Blueberry and Apple 5.5%
Raspberry and Elderberry with an Apple base 5.5%
Strawberry and Apple 5.5%
Mango and Apple 5.5%
Desert Lime and Apple 5.5%
Passionfruit and Apple 5.5%
Spicy Apple 5.5%
Cranberry and Apple 5.5%
Watermelon and Apple 5.5%
Cherry and Apple 5.5%
Miracle Tree and Apple Cider 4.5%

Beer and Cider

Pint $10/$12
Middy $6/$7.50
Tasting* (5x80ml)
(*Not available on Saturdays or for large group.)
Six-pack (takeaway) $25/$30
Carton (takeaway) $65/$70

For more on our current beers, ciders and ales call us on (08) 93774400. 
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